Earlier today, my Twitter feed started buzzing with news of Ex Libris’ acquisition of Innovative Interfaces. Two historic library software competitors joining forces to make the best out of a rapidly declining financial situation. As a shareholder, this is exciting news. It’s probably requested by many. Some would say it’s a win/win. But what happens … Read more

Virgil Abloh, Jeff Bezos, and Library Innovation

The other day, I came across a 1997 video of a young Jeff Bezos describing how he came up with the idea for After watching, I couldn’t help but wonder what a missed opportunity this was for the library community. This is especially the case in hindsight, given how precarious the funding situation is … Read more

Trust The Process: Notes from 2019 Harvard LILFest

Earlier this month, I was invited to attend the Harvard Library Innovation Lab’s 2019 LILFest. Sponsored by the lab and Harvard Law Library, and hosted by the Dorchester Art Project, It was a refreshing deviation from my normal day-to-day. Throughout the event we heard speakers from the lab and the broader community sharing PechaKucha-style talks … Read more

On Building Something New

🎵 Robert Glasper feat. Taylor McFerrin and Derrick Hodge – Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box (Radiohead Cover) Following best practice is the path of least resistance to building something new. But when the status quo is broken for so many people and organizations, it’s the path of most resistance that is required. … Read more

Property, Web Properties, and Financial Freedom

1619-2019 The Black community has a unique victimhood with regard to property. From General Williams Tecumseh Sherman’s false promises of 40 acres and a mule, to selective federal aid for immigrants and non-Blacks after slavery, all the way through the passing of the civil rights act, through redlining and more, America has never wanted Blacks … Read more

Evolving The Diversity Residency

🎵 “Heart of a Dreamer” by Derrick Hodge This week, I learned a lot about the library profession. I traveled to Columbus, Ohio as a first-time attendee of the IDEAL ’19 conference on Inclusion, Diversity and Equity in Academic Libraries. I joined five of my colleagues from Boston University Libraries for the 2-day event hosted … Read more