The Libdot Manifesto

A new day has come for libraries. A day when libraries can tell their stories with clarity and conviction. A day when libraries can build community based on what makes them unique, alongside people who share their vision for the future they work to create. A day when individuals from all walks and phases of life can get excited about librarianship as a profession, and maintain that excitement after seeing their compensation package. A day when highly specialized skills and talents are tangibly recognized for their worth in the information landscape.

Today, we have finally learned the techniques to measure the ambiguous, the ways to identify each sinew librarianship is comprised of, and measure its makeup and performance to develop a stronger body — a stronger community. We now have the ability to measure supply and demand of the resources our community needs to thrive: the skills, the goods and the services.

A library’s demand for such skills, goods and services requires relationships with individuals and organizations who supply them. But the infrastructure supporting these relationships is brittle and archaic, reinforcing structures that leave us vulnerable to the existential threats facing the industry today: shrinking talent pipelinesbroken business models, and irrelevance among stakeholders. ROIs and economies of scale are elusive if not mythical, and the need to justify the library’s existence has become all too routine.

Libdot’s mission is to create the future of work in libraries using linked data, machine learning, and diverse people.

The future of work in libraries will be diverse, remote, flexible, rewarding, efficient, smart, refreshing, cost-effective, empowering — dare we say, delightful.

Our lofty goals are supported by a core belief in the professionals who show up day in and day out, driven intentionally or accidentally by a desire to share and serve. This belief, coupled with the power of data, has developed an unshakable resolve to pursue this vision.

We’re looking for like-minded people and organizations to help make our dent in the universe. If this mission resonates with you, email us at Or you can sign up for updates at

Founder & CEO at Skilltype. Inaugural EIR at Boston University Libraries. Board emeritus at Rooted School. Native New Orleanian.

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